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Elk Camp Arts: “The West with a Touch of Elegance.”

Elk Camp Arts is the online outlet for The Natural Canvas Art Studio, home of Western and Wildlife Artist, Randy McIntyre. Along with selling through Elk Camp Arts, Randy participates in fine art shows throughout the United States.

Most of Randy’s original Acrylic on Canvases are available in S&N Limited Edition Prints, Custom matted and framed prints and Greeting Cards. Randy LOVES doing Custom and commissioned paintings. Randy paints on a lot of natural canvases” such as hide, horn, bone, rock, wood, etc.

Because he does all of his own Matting and Framing of his S&N Limited Edition Prints, he has a lot of scrap mat board. In the early 2000’s he put this scrap to use with what he calls his “Matted Mat Board Originals”. Randy developed his own style of painting on the single, double and triple matted mat boards, by bringing the painting out over the mattings, giving these paintings a 3-D effect. Along with all of this, Randy does a complete line of hand-painted, dishwasher-safe glass ware, coffee mugs, wine glasses, beer mugs, Pilsner glasses, shot glasses and more.

Randy started his Painting Career at the age of 12, and is mostly self-taught. Randy became a Professional Artist in the early 70’s, after deciding he did not want to continue his Degree in Art Education. However, Randy has spent many years teaching art to young and old alike, through 4-H, Private Lessons, and lots of fun Group Lessons. Randy also hosts Painting Retreats where painters can paint with Randy in the “Wilds of Montana”. Randy paints completely Free Hand, no projectors, computers or other devices.

North West Montana is his inspiration, and as you can see from his work, detail is very important. Randy spends many hours each week in the Mountains that surround his small Ranch just North West of Eureka, Montana, hiking and photographing subjects for his paintings. Unique rocks, trees, rotted stumps, and of course, the Animals of the area, such as, Elk, White-tail and Black-tail Deer, Moose, Mountain Sheep and Goats, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears. All of these animals frequent the small ranch where Randy & his Wife, Sandy raised their Three Daughters and now, tend a small herd of Black Angus Cattle, a Brown Swiss Milk Cow named Annie, and Rabbits and Chickens.

Randy’s work ranges from Mini Canvases, 5”x7” to Murals on sides of buildings. Randy’s moto is: “If it stands still, I’m supposed to paint on it.” Randy loves having his Facebook Friends follow his paintings, as he posts photos from lank canvas through finished painting as the work progresses, and then on to Framing. Often, Randy will have Face Book Contests to help him name his paintings. Winners usually win one of his Hand Painted/Dishwasher Safe Wine Glasses or Beer Mugs, valued at $22. A few have won a S&N Limited Edition Print of the painting. Join him on Facebook today; you may be his next winner.

Randy also has a presence on Esty, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, Square and of course www.elkcampart.com, his website, but he prefers selling on Facebook, saying, “it is way more personal, I get to know my clients”. Randy loves to visit with anyone about ART, so join him today on Facebook.

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