What I have been doing since I retired…

I am still just trying to learn the “Blog” and how to do it.  What to say, how to get it recognized, and all the fun things that go along with the world of “Social Media”.  YIKES, there is so much, I have recently started an Esty Store, and new Facebook Store, and with the help of a couple Great Friends, Wayne and Nancy Robinson, launched a NEW LOOK on my website.  Hope you well all take a few minutes and check out some of these “Mile Stones for me”.  A few years ago, o heck, what am I saying, a month ago, I would never have thought I would be doing this much of an “On Line Presence”.  I am trying to spilt my time between painting, working on social media, and working on the “ole  homestead”, now that I am retired. What am I painting you ask, well most of my painting time is spent on “Hand Painted Glass” for the Made In Montana Market Place coming up in Helena, Montana, March 27 & 28, but I am also working on a couple paintings, you have probably seen photos of them on my Face Book Page, Elk Camp Arts.  If not, take a minute and go “Like” Elk Camp Arts Page as well as the Natural Canvas Art Studio’s Page.  We play lots of games on Face Book and  you can win prizes.  I just mailed off a couple of Hand Painted, Elk Camp Arts Champagne Flutes to winners, one in Florida the other in Louisiana.  Also just had 3 Elk Camp Arts Face Book followers win one of my hand painted Book Marks.  Hope you will join  us and get in on the next game.

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